Enough with the Posts Already

Kay and I are sitting on the train waiting to depart from Dijon for Lyon where our trip began. Ann and Mark are currently in the States so we won’t be seeing them unfortunately. Yesterday we left Meersburg and the Bodensee traveling first to Zurich were we spent a pleasant couple of hours eating a wonderful lunch and walking along the lake shore.


Our train then took us back to France and the town of Mulhouse Ville for an overnight stop. We had a wonderful dinner at a Thai place with a unique French twist. The passion fruit sorbet with sticky rice and coconut milk for desert was particularly good.


Our trip is very near the end. We will stay tonight at a hotel by the Lyon airport and catch an insanely early flight at 6 am! What was I thinking.

This being my last post it seems like a good time to reflect on the trip as a whole. It was wonderful to see Mark and Ann. I’m an only child and my parents are gone. My cousins are particularly important to me especially Ann. When they were living in Brooklyn it was far. Now with them living in France I honestly can’t say when I will see them again. They are forging a wonderful life for themselves here. I admit to a bit of envy.

Lyon itself was a great experience. Staying at their apartment we truly were temporary locals. The food lived up to all the hype of Lyon. It is a great city. Paris was also a highlight. Jean-Luc Marchand and his wonderful Chambre d’Hôtes, Bonne Nuit Paris, made our stay very personal and cozy. Hooking up with Scott and Sally and our walking tour with Marie-Claire made for a great day. And the evening of music at Saint Chapelle was a peek experience I will never forget.

Heidelberg was a bit of a let down although we made the best of it. I did have the great brauhaus experience I was hoping for. But it was packed with tourists and a bit on the crass side. Kay and I have less and less patience for tourist traps and big bus groups.

Our time with Gaby and her family was very special. They were warm and generous. Touring the local towns and sights with her was the antithesis of Heidelberg. The monastery at Maulbronn was also wonderful. Tübingen however suffered from the same problem as Heidelberg. This was a bit of a surprise to me. Most Americans have never heard of Tübingen. Our day trip to Ofterdingen in search of Kay’s distant past was magical however.

When we arrived in Meersburg it looked like Heidelberg all over again. But it turned out that the crowds were there for the Medieval festival and they cleared out by the next day. The festival itself was a stroke of synchronicity. We really dug the people in period dress and all the hoopla. Our B&B there, Landhaus Ôdenstein, was very nice and peaceful with a killer view of the vineyards and lake. But the real highlight of Bodensee was the reconstructed prehistoric village and all it entailed.

So, like most trips there were great parts and not so great. Over all I’d have to say it was a success although, as I said in the last post, I’m not as thrilled by travel as I once was. Thank you once again, dear reader, for following along. A special thanks to those of you who commented on my posts. It helps us stay in touch with the home front so to speak. And a very special thanks to my wife Kay for her kindness and patience and for the terrific photographs that added so much to my blog. Au revoir and a bientôt dear friends. We’ll be seeing you soon.



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3 Responses to Enough with the Posts Already

  1. Tom Civiletti says:

    Have a safe and comfortable flight home.

  2. Lekim Z says:

    so sorry its over but we will be happy to have you back,it’s been a great tour for us armchair travelers ,the lovely photo work really helped us feel connected thanx!
    safe travels

    ps man that sorbet looks good mmm

  3. Anatta says:

    See you soon! Your photos! I think a number of them should be printed and grace your walls at home. Divine. Tickets to another time and place.