Life in the 13th Century

As luck would have we stumbled on the the last evening of a medieval festival in Meersburg, a sort of German version of the Renaissance Faire, when we arrived here yesterday. Many people were dressed in period clothing. There was a street faire with music, jugglers, etc. Apparently folks came from as far away as San Gimignano in Tuscany. We watched a medieval drum and bugle corp complete with flag twirlers, a fire eater, street dancing and more.




I had my Bratwurst and sauerkraut experience in Heidelberg, tonight it was Kay’s turn. Her comment after the delicious feast was “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” Groaning and promising to eat nothing but salad for the rest of the trip she led me home to our B&B for a well deserved sleep.



To continue the medieval theme today we toured the Burg Meersburg. According to a reliable legend, a fortress was first constructed here by the aforementioned Dagobert I in the 7th century. The first historical reference is from 1334 when the castle successfully resisted a siege. The current fortress has features from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods.


Many of the staff wore period costumes like this fellow who stamped our ticket by stabbing it with a dagger! I kid you not.


The place is pretty cool with rooms filled with antique period furniture, armor, weapons, kitchen utensils and mannequins in period dress.







After lunch we were beat and opted for a siesta back at our room. We’re in the home stretch now. Tomorrow is our last day of site seeing before beginning the long slog home.



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  1. Lekim Z says:

    I see the authorities finally caught up with you…