Of Brauhauses and Castles

One of my top things to do in Germany was to visit a real German brauhaus (brewpub) and try a local brew. Last night we did just that at Vitter’s Alt Heidelberger Brauhaus. The seasonal on tap was a wonderful Marzen. It did not disappoint.



Not only was the beer great but the traditional food was excellent. Kay had goulash and salad. I sampled the house-made bratwurst with sauerkraut and pan fried potatoes. Included was a good rye bread. As you may know, Kay and I make our own kraut but ours is not quite like the real thing which they fry with the fat from the sausage. It comes out sweet and delicious. The potatoes were fried likewise in the fat. They reminded me of my mom’s home-fries cooked in bacon drippings. They complimented sausage perfectly.




We were seated family style with a wonderful German couple who’s english was about as limited as our German. The woman graciously offered Kay some of her Apfelküchen, a luscious apple cake with raisins which was reportedly amazing!

This morning we took a funicular to the ruined castle above the town and beyond. The castle was evocative and the view of old Heidelberg inspiring.






One of the castle’s claims to fame is the worlds largest wine cask.


Those medieval Germans sure knew how to party!

After lunch and coffee we visited the Kurpfälzisches Museum, a wonderful collection stretching from Roman times to the present. Kay was particularly taken by the period clothing.



Tonight we plan a low key dinner and early bed. Tomorrow we rent a car and head for Adelshofen and a couple of nights at the home of Kay’s distant cousin Gaby Röcker and her husband Jamal Birouk whom we have never met. In our communications so far they have been charming and welcoming.


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  1. Tony Bobzien says:

    What an awesome trip you guys! The fun train to the ruined castle looks like a sweet outing. Thanks for the posts!