Sad to say goodbye

After a low key “day off” from our vacation yesterday, we had another epic meal, this time at A Cantina de Mananan in Corniglia. All I can say is I ate an octopus and like it, no, I loved it. The pasta con pesto was also top notch.


This morning we had to say goodbye to our new found friends, the Barrani family. After breakfast Signora Elena gave us each a hearty handshake and a warm smile. When Angela translated to her that we were heading to Siena, Elena said what everyone says “ahhh Siena.” When she learned we were then on to Napoli she shook her hand at the wrist in an ay-ay-ay expression. It saddened us to leave. We will never forget them.

Four trains and four hours later we were in another world rolling through the hills of Tuscany. The afternoon found us sitting on one of the greatest medieval squares in Europe, Il Campo, Siena, sipping a cold beverage and munching antipasti.


Our hotel, Albergo Bernini, has just ten old school rooms and one hell of a view. Tomorrow we hit the sights in Siena.


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