A day in Nice

After a long uneventful travel day we are enjoying the Riviera in Nice. Blurry eyed tourist mix with rough locals, North Africans and beautiful people wannabes in this resort town with an edge. This morning we visited the Marc Chagall Museum. Chagall donated many of his greatest works and helped design the building. Kay and I are huge Chagall fans and the museum did not disappoint. Despite being loaded with people some of whom could not have cared less and some of whom were down right rude, the magnificent huge canvases of biblical themes took my breath away.


This is the birth of Adam. Notice the image of Jesus on the cross in the upper right. Although Chagall was Jewish he repeatedly depicted the crucifixion which for him symbolized the sacrifice and suffering of the Jewish people.

After lunch and a little siesta we walked down the Promenade des Anglais, so named because it was built for English tourists on the grand tour in the late nineteenth century. A few of the great old hotels survive. One can imagine the upper crust of Northern Europe strolling the walk, covered in marble so they wouldn’t get there shoes dirty. The marble is gone but the tourist are still here.

We walked on into Vieux Nice, the old town, to Cours Saleya, a traffic free square where there is a daily flower market. As luck would have it there was a band playing traditional French dances and 50 or so people dancing – not a tourist show, just locals changing dance steps as the band leader called them out. The band featured three accordions, pretty scary!


Here’s a example of the nineteenth century architecture.


This building is across the street from our B&B. Tomorrow we leave France for Italy and the Cinque Terre!

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