Market Day in Arles

The Saturday Market in Arles is huge! It dwarfs any farmers market I’ve seen in Portland. Everything from clothes and leather goods to live grouse are available. Thanks to Provence’s proximity to the Mediterranean, there is an abundance exotic spices. As you might expect there are also plenty of wonderful fruits and veggies, local artisan cheese, bread, olives and sausage. You can even pick up a plate of fresh, hot paella. We gathered lots of goodies for the next leg of our adventure – driving through the villages of Luberon and Côte du Rhône.



We had a delicious Provençal lunch at Café George. This little bistrot is south of the tourist attractions on the edge of the old town. We were the only Amercans in the joint as far as I could tell. The food was trés bon!

After lunch and café we visited the wonderful Musée Réattu which features art from the 19th through the 21st century. They have quite a few wonderful Picasso’s on display along with 19th c. neo-classics and late 20th c. photography – pretty eclectic. The collection is housed in the highly evocative medieval Priory of the Knights of Malta.

Tonight it’s a light dinner, then tomorrow we’re off to Avignon to pick up the car.

Au Revoir Arles!


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3 Responses to Market Day in Arles

  1. Lekim Z says:

    fantastic photos …enjoying all the excellant travel notes.Keep up the good work and stay well…cheerz

  2. Lekim Z says:

    We continue to be awed …so lovely,wish we were there