Welcome to My New Website

Hope you like it. As you can see I've spared no expense.

Some of you may be wondering where I've been for the last few months. Kay and I spent 5 weeks plus on vacation in Europe in September and October. We had a great time. You can check out our trip at my travel blog. Upon returning I decided to take a little time off from gigging to regroup. Since then I've been working on new material - original and otherwise. I'd like to make another album in the near future so I'll need a bunch of songs. This one will be more of a group effort as opposed to solo guitar project. I hope to do the tracking at our home studio and mix it with Jordan Leff at Secret Society Studio. Jordan worked with me on Leave the Blues Behind and did a great job.

Jellyroll Ramblers Ramble Again

I'm pleased to say that after a bit of an hiatus the Jellyroll Ramblers are looking for gigs. The current lineup is Craig Birnie on bass, Kay Everts on drums, and me on guitar and vocals. Check out a video of the Ramblers at Artichoke Music with our pal Pat Stilwell sitting in on fiddle on the video page. We're not totally sure what sort of venues we'll come up with. Keep an eye out for the newsletter and check the calendar page for more info.